Midterms are over…

So now I sew… at least until I REALLY need to work on my project. I know, I’m terrible. I’m not really into the swing of things right now. I realize how wrong that is. I realize I need to be on top of things. I REALIZE that if I don’t get my butt in gear, that’s a migraine waiting for me at the end of semester.

But who really wants to hear about that? This weekend I did a bit of sewing. First of all, I visited the new quilt store in town. No, I’m not a quilter but they have two things I need: interfacing and fabric. And I’m in love. OOOOH my goodness is that place addictive.

Old Towne Stitchery is a small but awesome store in Leonardtown. They have a great selection of fabrics and what I love: fat quarters of each bolt of fabric!!! It just makes my heart pitter patter. The ladies are extremely nice and even better, they have a buy 10 yards, get 1 yard free. And for some of us, that doesn’t take much.

I managed to finish up three make up bags and just as many tote bags

and handbag or so. Unfortunately, I have gotten terrible at taking pictures of my bags. Any tips? Mine are terrible and I have a few to reshoot before I even attempt to put them up on Etsy!

Pinks and browns and bumble bees  Spots and stripes Giddy'up and lookin' good 

And really, if you have any suggestions on photography, PLEASE HELP!!! I’m always looking for a little critique!


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