Chirpies Take Cover!

Here is is…the bird cage cover. Look how cute the print is! And the pleats! I amaze myself sometimes.



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2 responses to “Chirpies Take Cover!

  1. Hey! I started a project with this same fabric and many hours into it I discovered that I am a yard short of what I need, but our local store doesn’t have any more of it. Do you have an extra yard that you are willing to sell???? If not, do you by any chance have your receipt from when you purchased it with the SKU number. The people at Joanns said the only way they could track down an extra yard was with the SKU and of course I didn’t keep my receipt.

    • arguinglulu

      Let me check, but I don’t think I have any fabric left. If I do, it’s just scraps. And if that’s what I have, I can definitely share! I’m all about the sharing (and ridding my fabric closet of fabric). I’ll shoot another message after I figure out what I have. :)

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