My quick update

I have a couple blogs I need to write, but until I get the chance, I figured I’d just drop a quick “I swear I’m not ignoring you” blog.

While I’ve been missing in action, I sewed a cage cover for my two newest additions to the family. The Lulu family now includes two cockatiels, Job and Buster. Buster doesn’t have a tail, Job loves looking at himself. Amazingly, Daisy, our Jack Russell hasn’t tried to kill them. She is more afraid of their wolf whistles, their cell phone rings, drill noises, and Daisy calls. It’s great! But their cover is cute, made of a white, blue, and green bird print (that I had no idea what I was going to do with!) and a blue ruffle. I sewed PLEATS! I’d never done that before. and it has buttons and actually is super cute. I’ll post a picture soon.

Mr. Lulu actually got the serger threaded (WOO HOO!) and then I did something to magically unthread the WHOLE THING. Yeah, I’m good. I’ll use it again after Mr. Lulu re-threads the beast.

I also picked up an embroidery kit from Sublime Stitching. I LOVE IT. It’s so fun. I stitched a preying mantis on a flour sack. I’m learning… But I love how it’s so portable.

So…I’ve not fallen off the earth, just busy!


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