A clean closet and two new bags

I’ve really been putzing about posting lately. My book for school came in finally (three weeks into semester) and I have just been swamped with other non-sewing related things that are boring and not necessarily fun to write about.

But I’m writing now and that’s exciting. Right! Right??

My sweetest friend came over to hang the other weekend and we re-organized my fabric closet by color and weight. This was a mighty feat, which included a lot of food, wine, and Kung Fu movies. Her boyfriend, my husband, she and I had a blast. Below are some pictures of the closet…

And now I’m back into the groove, finishing up projects and getting odds and ends completed. Here are two bags, just finished, that I love. One I call “Not Your Grandma’s Roses” and the other a botanical clutch- both for sale on Etsy.



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One response to “A clean closet and two new bags

  1. Cute bags and I am so impressed with your closet organization and your amazing fabric stash!

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