And the bobbin on the machine goes round and round…

I admit, this blog has been GREAT for me. It gets out my sewing frustrations.

For awhile now, my drop in bobbin will make a noise similar to “grumbagrumbagrrrumbaTHWOP”  and when I look down at my bobbin, it has popped out of it’s little bobbin trench? hole? casket? Whatever… But then there are all these loose threads that have wound themselves off my bobbin. I kept relating this to a poorly wound bobbin; I don’t have a lot of Confidence in my Singer’s bobbin winding ability…too many times it’s been too loose.

I was working on something…oh, I think it was my brand new PINCUSHION (please say like the announcer on the Price is Right) and I ran out of thread on my bobbin. So, doing what any other lazy person would do, I grabbed a threaded bobbin in a different color (same material) and popped it in and started sewing.

You will NEVER guess what happened next. No wait, you are way smart, you’ll guess. But what happened was that my top thread WOUND itself around my bobbin. All those times I blamed a poorly wound bobbin for being a loose and having it cut it off and waste thread, I WAS WRONG. (I admit I can be wrong on ocassion.)

So now dear friends, I have to figure out why my top thread is winding itself around the bobbin causing massive havoc inside my sewing machine. I TIRE OF THIS. It doesn’t happen all the time but it happens. And it makes me angry.


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