I’m a creeper

No, I’m not creepy. Well, unless you see me in the morning. And I’m not that kind of creeper… I creep blogs.

I admit it. I have a whole host of blogs that have not been added to my Blog Roll (is there anyone else out there who HATES that? I mean, can I change the name of that to like, my bloggies or something?) Anyways…there are SO many good blogs out there and it seems like every day I find new ones I love and bookmark. OK and to make it worse, my work computer has a bunch of different  blogs on it than my home computer.

These are some of my new favorites and in no particular order:

  • Red Heads Craft More Fun <-the name rocks. Redheaded crafters are just special. But her craft is down to earth and she’s fun to read. And she plays with jute. Have I ever told you I can MAKE twine? Oh yeah, hidden talent.
  • Can’t Stop Making Things I get this. I totally understand this statement, which makes it a fab blog title. I love love love the greenhouse cloche
  • Crafts In Bloom This site is great and it’s one of those sites that keeps on giving. It’s like getting lost in a sea of crafty blogs
  • Oops I Craft My Pants OK, I have to find where these crafters got their names… I mean, that’s precious. She is modge-podge terrific and has given me some great spin off ideas…pictures to come later. You know, when they are finished.
  • Cookies and Cups Admittedly I just found this one and it’s NOT a craft blog. But it looks so goooooooood. I’m going to say that it’s just terrible we have a lot of snow and I have a lot of flour, sugar, and chocolate in my house. Pssst…I want her pirate cupcakes for my birthday. Hey- it’s 7 1/2 months away, you better be planning.

I hope you go check out these blogs. A lot of time and energy go into them and a lot of inspiration comes out of them. So what are you doing, get moving, and then get crafting (or making my birthday cupcakes).


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