This is my “I’ve not been eaten by the Abominable Snowman” Post

It snowed. A lot. So again, the Lulu house has been busy with…well… the usual things she keeps herself busy with when she can’t leave the house.

I’ve sewed two different totes and I admit, neither is finished. One I realized there is absolutely NO bias tape in my stash that matches (or is wide enough) and the other…well…I forgot to sew on the tag so I have to hand sew it… eh. I’m pleased with them both. The one needing bias tape I like to call “Not your Grandma’s Roses” and the other is a huge pre-embroidered brown tote with a yellow faux bois lining. Love it.

One thing I’ve noticed this winter is that when I’m stuck in the house, is things annoy me. So Mr. Lulu and I repainted the dining room. Here is a before and after shot.

It’s a big change. I’ve hung some photos that we’ve had in the house here and there but what I’m looking for are a few white tiles with a relief-type pattern. But the only ones I can find are $600  on Etsy. What I might end up doing is playing around with some black and white photos and hanging them. Something kinda like this:

I don’t know yet, though. There are a lot of good artists out there and I just can’t decide. If I can’t decide- then I wait!

Well, guess I’m gonna go paint some more. This is my “I’ve not been eaten by the Abominable Snowman” post… So I promise to post pictures of sewing (and even a new bag I created last night!) soon.


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