Things besides sewing

Hey guess what!!! It’s supposed to snow again tomorrow. I’m fairly sure this is the world telling me I am the Snow Queen. Don’t worry, I’ll be humble and treat everyone with the respect I deserve. :)

So the sewing bit has been a little slow. Yes, I did sew three (ahem, sort of) bags this weekend and a wrist pin cushion, and there are more things I want to sew… but I’ve also been doing things like painting. Rooms. And then realizing the rooms are WAY too white. So now I have to go back and find a new color to paint because it’s just too white. Crazy, huh?

I’ve also been working on Mom’s birthday gift. I’m not gonna say what it is but it’s been fun. And challenging. And I hope I get it finished in time for her birthday.

I’ve also been taking some photos lately. Nothing crazy, just playing with some camera settings. But here is one I am particularly proud of  This a picture of my Grandma’s bell. I love it.

But I just wanted to show off some other things I’ve been doing besides sewing. Funny, none of those include school work, but…eh…it’ll get done.


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