This post has absolutely nothing to do with sewing

Not so sewing related, but I’ve got the winter itchies. The winter itchies result in buying cans of paint and redoing this inside of my house. This past year led to lots of changes in the Lulu house and plans we thought would happen didn’t so now we go with plans c, d, e, and so on. Yes yes, the best laid plans…. whatever.

The dining room is almost finished what Mr. Lulu calls “blanched broccoli” or better known as Valspar’s Meadow Twilight.  I’d show you a picture but when you type in “Meadow Twilight” you get pictures of the Twilight Series, and frankly, I refuse to torture my readers. The curtains are made and ready to be hung when the walls are finished. A new centerpiece for the big wall has been ordered and ready to replace the wall of fire. Over all, the room will be more “us” and I’m really quite excited. Yesterday I bought a can of “ultra white” to paint our back room where the books are and the hall where the laundry closet and water heater is. I am frustrated with the flat paint on the walls. It’s a nice shade, but right now, it’s time for a little change.

My other frustration is with chairs. Yes, chairs. Right now in our living room, we have two hunter green, brocade wingbacks that are so uncomfortable. And uninviting. And just so not us. So I’m looking for new chairs. DO YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO FIND 2 CHAIRS THAT ARE NOT UGLY, STIFF, BEIGE, AND UNDER $1000!?!??! And apparently EVERY color out there for a chair falls under the category of “muted.” It’s an accent chair. Why do I want it muted? And DO NOT suggest A) recovering the ugly wingbacks because, no. or B) buying a chair shape I like and covering it (again, defeats the purpose). So really, I just want to find a nice chair (blue) that will flow with the rest of the house. I guess that’s too much to ask for.

After that, the list goes on to scraping and painting windows, ripping up carpet, laying hardwood, getting carpets stretched, more bookshelves… At some point, I’m sure it’s better to get RID of books. I just can’t stomach the thought… Landscaping, planting bushes, more flowers, ripping up a rose monster… The list grows- almost as fast as the rose monster

I actually look forward to the snow we are supposed to get, because I can’t stand being in my house when projects are not finished. It drives me batty. If I am stuck inside, I am guaranteed to finish my projects. If I’m at work, it’s torturing me that the projects aren’t being finished. The winter itchies have started and they won’t go away until the scratching is finished.


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