Belly dance costume and grocery bag

So I tried to use WordPress on my Blackberry. I had no luck. I fought with just getting the stinkin’ application to download, but then after that, I couldn’t get it to post. So I’ve had this post sitting on my phone for about three days because, hey, did you know that whatever you save on your phone doesn’t cross over to what’s on an actual computer? Thanks, WordPress!

You’ll have to forgive me here, because I’m tired and irritated. It was a long day at work filled with incompetency, followed with a trip to Hancock Fabrics (Which was just painful. Who lets a woman who can’t use her right arm and is currently using her left to cut fabric???), and then when I sat down to do my homework, I realized (after 2 weeks) that I have the wrong book. It’s been one of those nights. And days apparently,  because this is the fourth time I’ve tried to post this.

OK, so here are pictures of the choli, the sari belt I started. The sari belt is a patchwork of sari material. It still isn’t finished but maybe today. I also made a new bag for my zills and my dance shoes, but it’s on the other computer and well, there are technical issues currently at the Bean Abode.

I also started to work on another pattern. This is a very similar bag to my Greenfeet grocery bag. This is made of a psychedelic almost flannel fabric I received for Christmas and lined with a brownish/ purple cotton. It also has a swivel hook with an attached small pouch for things like a bus pass or a grocery card.

So there you have it … what I’ve been sewing. And fighting with.

Today is supposed to be snow filled, so it’s a good thing I bought more fabric! I started cutting out patterns last night and will work on them today.


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  1. I love your article. Thank you.

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