Buying a sewing machine is like buying a car…

When I first learned to drive, I drove what my parents gave me, so I ran around in my Cavalier (Carl the Coconut) or the Taurus (with the sunroof … sunroofs and umbrellas are fun :) But then, it was time to buy my first car. And I bought what I could afford on $17,000 salary. Yes, that was my first my job. I made $17,000 (OK, not true, first it was $10,000 until I got a promotion) and I bought a Ford Contour. My parents helped, and I’m eternally thankful, although I’m not sure what it was contoured for, except breaking down. My second car, bought with my husband, was a Nissan Sentra. We went on a snowy day and really got a “good deal.” Um, sorta- a computer needed replaced, the back window, the head gasket went, tires, leaked…and we found out that the “one owner” car had hit something large and rigid and caused a massive bend in the front frame. Oops. Funny, Carfax didn’t tell me that. So my newest car, a Toyota, was bought with lots of test driving, lots of research, and lots of deer telling me how much they liked it afterwards…

But anyways, onto how this relates to sewing. My first sewing machine was a gift from my Mother. It was a Brother. It did the job until my frequency of sewing picked up. So I bought a Singer Confidence. I bought a Singer mostly because of the name. I looked around, people seemed to like it, so I went for it. And regret it. Because if you’ve been reading TOLB, then you’d know it’s been less than a year, twice in the shop, and I’m already looking for a new one.

Pfaff Hobby

The first sewing machine I’ve looked at it is a Pfaff. I have a local Pfaff dealer and he’s offering me lots of promises of it never breaking down, a good solid machine, and the ability to trade up if I’d like. So I’m looking at a Pfaff Hobby.

It’s expensive. It’s not computerized. It is missing a lot of bells and whistles I like from my Singer but again, I have to remember that I’m not buying a cheap machine.

Viking Emerald

Yesterday I went to try out a Viking. I was looking at the Emerald series and when talking to the sewing machine man, he said that the Emerald series is actually made by Janome, another good brand but one I overlooked. So why should I buy a Viking Emerald when it is a Janome with the Viking name on it?

So I test drove the Janome DC2010. I actually really liked this machine. It’s computerized, it’s got a drop in bobbin (but not a self winding one), 50 stitches, lots of accessories, and a good service warranty. It was quiet. It was smooth sailing- or sewing, I guess.

Janome DC2010

I’ve also started looking at Berninas. Now all of this leaves me in quite a pickle. I want to buy a good sewing machine. I want to buy something that will last, that will be with me when I change my wardrobe and my home decor. I want something that will last…

But how do you find something that you can trust when 1) you are being talked to by a salesman who is intent on selling you something. 2) that you are actually getting a good deal. 3) that you are not being fleeced for fun. Am I buying a machine to support someone’s overpriced goods? Am I buying something that will break down? Will the Pfaff man tell me the truth? Can I trust the what the Viking guy said about the Janomes?

And this is how buying a sewing machine is like buying a car. Lots of money, immediate depreciation, and blindly trusting a product (that apparently is only good if made in Sweden?) See…I’m at a loss. In the mean time, at least I know I still have plenty of time to decide. And more to read, although, if onemore forum says “it’s really just what you want…” I’m going to scream…


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