Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy!

I said I wasn’t going to take another belly dance class but, I did. That’s what happens when friends make agreements while drinking! So my friend and I signed up for another class taught by Veda Sereem. We dared ourselves to take intermediate rather than another beginners class.

So I needed new clothes. OK, I probably didn’t but I did. I sewed myself a new choli and started a new decorative belt made out of sari fabrics. I did take pictures, but they are on my phone. Which is downstairs. So they will have to wait.

But I love the way the choli turned out. I used a jersey knit, blue fabric. I HATE JERSEY KNITS. But you know what? The more I work with them, the less I hate them. OK, not true, but the more I begin to understand them. The stretch and pull but are oh so comfy (right, because they stretch and pull!) I’ll try and get the pictures up tonight.


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