Fat Quarter Shop…how did I miss this?

I saw in a magazine (uh-oh, I forget which one!!) but anyways, I remembered I wanted to go to this store, Fat Quarter Shop. Why have I not been there sooner?

Immediately I bolted (get it? eh? ok, bad pun) over to the sale page, because, lets face it, I have a ton of fabric and should only buy it if I really really want it or if it’s a really really good deal. But what do you do if it’s fabric you can’t find anywhere AND it’s a good deal?

My answer to that question is spend money and buy fabric. My husband might not agree. However, he did agree that the man fabric was cool.  I haven’t seen fabric like this, especially at my usual haunts: Jo-Anns or Hancock Fabric.

This might be a must-purchase. I mean, men need man-bags!

But Fat Quarter Shop had plenty of fabric to drool over. As a matter of fact, I’m heading back there. I need to get my fabric fix before bed!


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