Singer, it’s not me, it’s you

I sat down to finish a cute little satchel and you broke again. The man at the Southern Maryland Vacuum and Sewing Center said we’d break up. I laughed. He said you weren’t built to last. I laughed. I mean, you are named the Singer Confidence. Something with the name Confidence shouldn’t break. We should be together for a long time.

But you did it again. The thread uptake popped loose. And now you make a funny noise, as though you are mocking me. Twice now in two months, I’ll have to take you back to the repair shop, spend another $20 to get you fixed, lose time and money on projects not being sold.

So now, I’ll take it back to the Southern Maryland Vacuum and Sewing Center. I’ll have the owner reiterate to me that you, Singer, are just a name with little quality behind it. I know not to call your most unhelpful customer service and just suck it up. I’ll put a band aid on you to tide me over, and send you to the closet. I’ll buy a new sewing machine. I’m disappointed. Beyond belief.

So please, it’ll be awhile. I’m in mourning. Really Singer, it isn’t me. It’s you.


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