Christmas cookies and the sort

It’s Christmas…so instead of doing the fun stuff, I’ve been doing other fun stuff. Make sense? There has been a cookie-binge going on. That included sugar cookies, chocolate chip, white chocolate cherry shortbread, anise cookies, window cookies and linzers which still need made.

I did get some chocolates made. Just peanut butter cups (which, instead of cup form, they are in ball form) and hazelnut truffles. Nothing fancy…or maybe…i don’t know. The baking just seemed like something to do.

The house really isn’t decorated this year. Hubster and I did go and chop down a Christmas tree. It’s as tall as me. Lovely really. Filled with origami cranes. And a couple reindeer. But nothing all that big or exciting.

The Christmas pageant is at 4pm on Christmas Eve. VERY excited about that. Then we have dinner reservations for a quiet dinner. I’m not sure we still have a plan for Christmas Day.

In sewing news, I’ve made a few bags that haven’t had photos taken of them. And I’ve been working on organizing my fabric and I got a table yesterday for my serger. Of course, I haven’t a clue how to thread it but I think that’s besides the point.

When more happens, I’ll be sure to post. Right now, it’s just kinda quiet.


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