The earth is really standing still

On Saturday – maybe it was Sunday, I dunno – I was sewing a bag that was ordered (zebra print and hot pink, awesome) and my sewing machine made a funny noise and then … nothing. I found my little turn key that looks like one of those things you stick in old wind up toys (I am not old enough to remember those, but old enough that my parents remember those). I took apart my sewing machine (by the way I’m not mechanically inclined) and pressed on the pedal. It went. It went well. But my thread uptake wasn’t going up and down. I don’t know what happened. I was sewing. Then I wasn’t sewing.

I called a machine repairman who scrumpfed at me – “Sorry to hear you bought a Singer” were his words – and said that he might deal with me. So I emailed Singer. After all, I’ve not had the sewing machine a year, I did however, forget to mail in my info card. I’m waiting to hear back and with much anticipation. I have sewing orders waiting and would like to finish them.

However, as a side note, I do believe this is God’s work (or karma handing it to me) because although I want to sew…I have projects, a paper, and midterm due in my risk analysis class. Maybe it’s a good thing my sewing machine is taking a break- maybe I’ll get a better grade without such split attention.


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