I’ve been sewing, I swear!

I have been sewing. But WHAT I have been sewing hasn’t been all that amazing or worthwhile to post. I’ve been hemming pants…always fun. I’ve been battling with my Vera Bradley knock off. (How do zippers just magically disappear? I mean, all I do is attach fabric and then POOF. Gone. I don’t get it.) But I’ve been working on that, and sewed a cute skirt for myself that is striped in browns. It’s very sarape-ish.  I dig it, but, after I made it, I thought it should’ve been cut on the bias. Oh well, live and learn, right?

I have a few projects that are new to do, but I need to (darn) go to Jo-Anns (double darn) and get cracking. On my list is a zebra bag, a brown bag, a make-up bag, more hemming and headrest covers. I LOVE SEWING.

I LOVE SEWING. However, I hate keeping my sewing nook clean. I want it to BE clean, but I don’t want to be the one to clean it. Frustrating. So anyways, there you go. More pictures will be posted soon, maybe after I get done ripping out the stitches that mock me like I am mocking the Vera Bradley bag…


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