Quick update

I’ve not been sewing. No. I’ve been doing other things which include celebrating my journey to adulthood (hey wait, that’s a church program). But I finally hit the big ol’ 3-0. You have to take me seriously now. It’s ok to be called “Mrs.” now in Sunday school, it’s like I’ve arrived. Arrived at what? I dunno. But here I am.

I did get to ring in the new decade with a trip to Baltimore with my closest friends. They rock. I had such a good time, I mean, UNBELIEVABLE time (yes, despite the nagging headache) you guys are the best. And awesome husband booked an awesome b&b and really, I couldn’t have asked for a better time.

Until I got sick. I got a flu-buggy that has literally knocked me on my rear. We have a policy at work (I know! I have to work. What a dirty word.) that after two days, you have to get a doctor’s note. Um, for the record, there is no reason I should be here. And there is no reason I should be at the doctors either. Advil and fluids should do me fine.  And sleep. And for the pain to leave my throat and my back. I don’t even have a cough, which I find unfair. If I’m going to hurt, make me have strep or a cough or pneumonia or something…

Gloria’s Artistry. OK, now go there.  Aunt Gloria is one of the FINEST artists I’ve seen. No joke and that’s just not flowery speech to get on her good side! She has an amazing talent for capturing mood. And reflection. I have tons to learn from her. She’s just amazing. And when you scroll to the bottom of her portfolio, well, lets just say I’m extremely flattered.

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