The finer points of paper

I want stationery. Do you remember that? It was paper, letter sized, maybe monogrammed or perhaps a funny bird on it? It might come in a box, or a clear plastic thing with matching envelopes.  I can’t find it. I’ve looked. I found Waldo. I found Carmen Sandiego. I’ve asked St. Anthony- you know, Tony, Tony, look around. Something’s lost, and must be found! And I’m not Catholic!

So there is no stationery. Or there is…made by Crane & Co (who, by the way, donated most of the items in the Pittsfield, MA musee and lemme tell ya, that family collected quirky things). Anyways, their stationery (that isn’t just bleh) is $100 plus for twenty sheets. WHAT? oh holy no. No way. I even went to a store that SELLS paper…nope.

I realize we are in a digital age (I mean, I’m writing a blog here for goodness sakes) and email is replacing forms of communication. I realize that we should keep our trees intact instead of tearing them down so I can handwrite a letter. Now I’ve never done the environmental cost analysis of making paper versus the information age technology. I’m sure they are fairly equal, so please don’t criticize…

But there is something special about receiving an actual letter on actual paper, in your actual physical mailbox. Not Yahoo, not Google. I’ll keep looking for paper. I realize this has nothing to do with sewing but…it’s become an obsession for me to find stationery that is not overly expensive and yet has personality. I think it’d be OK to mail out news instead of sending it instantaneously. I mean, only ten years ago, we were still making use of the postal system.



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3 responses to “The finer points of paper

  1. Target has it’s own line of Papyrus brand now but it’s mostly notecards and things. Funny that you mention this at all because I was just looking for stationary last night too! I settled on a really pretty DIY wedding invitation kit with a small gold embossed design at the top from Target. It was on sale for half off and I got 50 large flat note cards and 50 small reply size cards for a little more than $12!!! There were a bunch of other designs but none that could be passed off as nice stationary (rather than wedding invitations) so easily.

  2. What about Papyrus? Or the Paper Source? The Paper Source is one of my favorite places in the world. :)

  3. Sharon Benjamin

    Funny that you are looking for stationary, You Aunt Oke was looking for the same thing and believe it or not I found some and bought her two packs. So I will head out today and look to see if they have anymore if they do I will be more than happy to get some and mail them to you. If your nice I might just tell you were to look……….

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