The monster migraine

I haven’t posted anything in a couple days because, well, it was a busy week. It all started last Tuesday with two meetings, followed by meetings after work Wednesday and Thursday, Friday was a party, Saturday was some house work, a hair appointment, and a baby shower, followed by Sunday of impromptu alter serving and our turn to host coffee hour! And then it came.

It came like the monster lurking in the deep…ok, ok, it was a migraine. but not just any migraine. A coup de grace migraine. Not only did this thing knock my socks off, but it knocked me into bed. Until today. I cannot think of any time I missed two days of work because of a migraine. This wasn’t even a “i’ll just sit up and relax” kinda thing. This was a shaking, laid out on my back, crying, only out of the bed to pee migraine. And really, a third day would’ve been nice to relax  a little. But…oh well. Here I am.

I am feeling better. Just tired. I have lots to be doing (homework, work, sewing…) but before I over do it, I’m just gonna take it easy and get back to full capacity before I go back into hyperdrive. Otherwise, I’ll never get better.


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