I have a cramp in my right pointer finger. It actually hurts to type this.

Some time ago, I had this BRILLIANT idea to create my own Christmas cards. Wha? Yes, I have friends who do theirs. And do them quite well. However, I’m not much of a paper artist. fabric, yes. paint? if you’d like to call me an artist, that’s very polite of you. But paper? Not my medium.

So I origami. But not complicated origami. Simple origami. And I have started my epic origami-ing. I’m not even sure that’s a verb. Who KNEW that by making approximately 10 origami-ed animals it would create an utter cramp in your hand. Silly huh?

Target has their Christmas cards out already. Isn’t that frightening? Well, I guess it’s allowed to be scary- Halloween is a little more than a month away.


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One response to “origami…owwwwww

  1. Melissa

    it’s a lot more interesting when you wait until the last minute to hand make a bunch of cards. :-)Kudos to you for starting so early!

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