I sew for giants

I should’ve taken a picture last night, but…I wasn’t exactly presentable enough to be in a photo to last all of eternity (or until deleted). I will definitely have to do so tonight.

Anyways, I have  had a pattern in my pattern drawer to sew a fleece coat for the fall/winter, whatever this great Southern Maryland weather may be. I just call it the rainy season. Yes, I wear fleece in the rain. It makes sense. really. So I sew this according to the size I have BEEN sewing all year. And it looked kinda funny but I was convinced it was me, so I just went with it. When it came time to try it on, it…well…didn’t fit.

The arms were a good six inches past my fingers and there was room for three more arms in the sleeve. not to mention, I could’ve worn the coat while my husband wore the coat. I looked like I was three and playing dress up. I really want this coat. I’ve sworn to myself I will only buy what I cannot sew. This pattern was supposed to be easy (that makes me mad, every easy pattern has turned out to be a nightmare). But the sleeves must be ripped apart. the front needs ripped off the back and everything must be cut down to fit me.

I’ve been going to the gym, but not regularly enough. However, what I have done has made a difference in what size pattern to buy and cut. I guess it’s time to take my measurements and carry them around with me so I stop making clothes that are fit for giants.


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