Back in the saddle…

Well, I took off a bit of time to go visit the parents back in the Midwest. It’s always a long drive, a good time, too much food, and way fun visits. I had a blast at the family reunion, the bean dinner, and of course, fishing. We did some quality fishing, sometimes getting skunked, but that’s alright. It isn’t about catching fish (as long as you have something else to eat for dinner!)

While I was gone, Jo-Ann Fabrics finally delivered the fabric I needed (that I needed BEFORE vacation) and my bolt of interfacing. So I hopped back into the saddle and started sewing. I finished a skirt yesterday for a friend who wanted a reproduction of the crane skirt. I hope it fits her, I made up the pattern and guessed at a size! If it fits, she will have her very own skirt pattern in my pile of patterns!

School is back in session, so sewing will have to take the back burner. I hope to sew as a counter balance to my school work, but I’m sure that projects will slow down a little. That’s a shame too, because I have a fleece vest and jacket to make before the cooler weather settles in!

Anyways, I probably won’t post a picture of that skirt because it is literally an exact replica of mine. But I do have a bag and a pair of flops to put on the site. Look for those, and whatever else I can squeeze in!


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  1. sharon benjamin

    Isn’t it just like school to put everything else on the back burner. Best of luck with this semester. Just remember that sewing is therapy.

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