One out of control closet

I thought I’d share what has driven me to this crazed sewing fanaticism. My Uncle is a darling. And he gives me his fabric samples. Bucket loads. Trash bags full. Rubbermaid containers the size of industrial waste containers FULL of everything from a beautiful soft Italian print to a gorgeous green French silk. When I get these delightful packages, it’s like Christmas. A never ending Christmas.

My sister and I split the fabric, and I give a lot of it away to people who I know would find a creative use for it. But that still leaves me with a LOT of fabric. And I’ve become a fabricphile.

Here are photos of my closet. Yes, my closet. I used to have my sewing table in there, but it got stuffy and we rearranged and blah blah blah. So now it holds fabric.

Lots and lots of fabric…

trims, ribbons, fabric, notions...

trims, ribbons, fabric, notions...

Built in shelves...almost full

Built in shelves...almost full


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