It’s like going thru the steps to recognize addictions…denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. At first, no, I don’t have a fabric problem (see photo from earlier post). Those fabrics aren’t full yards to cut tote bags out of… So I have to go to Jo-Ann Fabrics (or Hancock, or beg Hubby to take a trip to Rockville to go to G Street, but that hasn’t worked yet).

Then, anger. Or maybe more amazement. Each weekend (literally) I walk into Joann Fabrics (but I have a COUPON!) and purchase yards and yards and yards of fabric. And then the wonderful ladies at the cutting counter say “OO! This is pretty! You find the prettiest fabric! What’s your project this week!” I walk away saying “WHY DO THEY SAY THAT TO ME?” and I wonder why the obvious purposeful attention I receive along with few complaints of holding up the cutting counter line with my 9 bolts of fabric and the 80 year old lady who needs one yard of brown broadcloth waits patiently behind me.

I think I’ve hit the bargaining stage. Almost too embarrassed to go inside to Jo-Anns…or I start looking for other stores to go into (GASP! I’ve even gone to….WALMART! *side note* The Prince Frederick Walmart still has fabric). And now…ordering online. I’m tactile! This goes against everything I’m used to! I’m not touching the fabric I am buying. I’m doing this to  sneak around, adding more and more fabric to my collection (see previous post)

Depression and acceptance are not going to be pretty. I guarantee it.

Honestly, I started writing this post to discuss ordering fabric online. It’s an ODD experience. No really, it is. I need to touch fabric. I need to feel it, look at the colors, look at how much it pulls… what does the knit feel like? But I did it. I took the plunge and ordered online (out of embarrassment of my addiction) and on Monday, ordered a bolt of interfacing, some fabric, and a thread case. No confirmation. I waited. Nothing. Jo-Ann Fabrics sent me nothing. So I tried calling. And calling. And calling… Their hold times are ridiculous and thank goodness for speaker phone. The average time I waited was 20 minutes.

Finally today (it’s Thursday, people) I get a hold of someone who says “oh the system was weird on Monday and your order didn’t go thru.” Gee. Thanks. So I place my order over the phone and ask “is there an estimated shipping time?” And the nice old lady says, after they ship, 7-12 days. WHAT!?!?!??! Oh my. I can’t handle this.

This goes beyond the addiction needing fed. This is people waiting for me to make them things! This is me going back to my dealer and showing my shamed face and buying in person again…


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