Tote’n along

Busy as always…I just ordered a bolt (A BOLT!?!) of interfacing from Jo-Ann’s. All I have to say is thank goodness for 40% off coupons. I’ve had a few requests for bags and they are getting done. I purchased purse feet (yes, they are actually called “feet”) and learned how to put them on the bottom of my large totes.

I’m also making sure I’m squeezing stuff in for myself. This weekend I completed a brown denim pinstripe skirt complete with pockets and an origami crane appliqued on the skirt. Um, yes, I figured out how to origami fabric. And I put it on a skirt. I did try to embroider with my sewing machine but…that isn’t coming along as well. If anyone has tips, let me know!

In the mean time, here is the skirt and two bags. One is a pink striped suiting with pink striped bows. I. Love. This. Bag. No really, I love this bag. The second is a black, white, and red bag, lined with black material and six pockets on the inside.


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One response to “Tote’n along

  1. sharon Benjamin

    Love it, Love it. I am so impressed on how your sewing has come along. I guess whatever I did really rubbed off. Just think about how you made your first quilt too.

    Keep up the good work and Jay won’t have to buy any clothes for you…….

    P.S. Don’t forget when you come out our store has 70% going on for the summer ends sales…..

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