Blog eaters

The other day I wrote a post about this terrible bag I made and how when you are feeling uninspired/ tired/ angry that you probably shouldn’t sew and should stick with finishing the closet like you promised to do because the fabric is getting out of control and taking over your life. And I wrote how pretty this bag was going to be with it’s cute Laura Ashley fabric that I somehow had a yard of and really wanted to make a darling bag out of it. And then that night I was going to publish the picture of the bag that I so hideously sewn.

When I hit “publish” on the blog, it disappeared. (Note to self, write blogs in Word, then transfer over. Um, starting next post). So hopefully this one will make it to the public.

I still plan on taking photos of that tortured Laura Ashley bag. But I also have a bag made for a good friend that is the cutest pink and brown striped shirting material. And the skirt that is brought to you by the emergency broadcast system. Which still needs pockets and somehow I remembered to add beads to the end of the drawstring but forgot to sew on my label. Makes sense, I know.

Yesterday, while talking to pink shirting bag friend (isn’t that a nice name?), she asked if I’d participate in a craft fair in the spring. *GASP!* Well coincidentally, there happens to be a sale at Jo-Ann’s this weekend and if I’m going to do this, I need to start making bags NOW. But just totes. I need to price bolts of interfacing and practice my pockets. And monogramming. By “practicing monogramming” I mean learn how to monogram.  But it’s cool that she thinks my bags are good enough. I do this for fun and just like to see people use them.

She also asked me to make two more for her. YEA! That’s exciting. So- wait on the pictures, they are definitely coming. And, before I click “publish,” I’m going to copy and save this post…



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2 responses to “Blog eaters

  1. Melissa

    Hey! It was fun looking at your new blog… inspired me to maybe make something and post it on mine! Hope you are doing great. We’ll probably be back in the county for the fair again – maybe we’ll see you there!

  2. sharon Benjamin

    Aunt Kate wants a bag. Either butterfly’s or hummingbirds. Guess you need to get busy……..

    She is really a bag lady in disguise…….

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