This morning I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get my morning coffee. I’m there somewhere between three and five times a week (I KNOW). And usually by the time I get to the counter, my coffee is waiting for me. The other day, the saw me get out of my car and it was ready when I walked in. Today they made fun of me for ordering the same thing every day. And it was free coffee day (ok, ten cents). “Why don’t you get a flavor shot instead of the same ol’ thing?” But why ruin a perfectly good cup of coffee with an artificial vanilla flavor?

I thought having my coffee addiction was bad, but the ladies at J0-Ann Fabrics know me. Like know me. We were trading interfacing tips yesterday. And having conversations about shirting fabric. And “what’s the project this week.” Oh dear…

But in fact, I have projects. I sewed another bag last night in the midst of having hives. I think there are some crooked seams I need to hide. And I forgot the clear thread at the store :( I did find though that if you have hives and you are trying to keep your mind off of them so they go away, sewing is a good way to distract your brain.


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