“If you don’t like heat, don’t tickle the dragon”

I’m not sure who said that (Merlin?), but whoever tickled the dragon today needs to stop. For goodness sakes, 100 degrees is too hot. And the humidity. I need to move. Heat AND humidity to the point of hiding inside makes for a lousy lousy day. Besides, I’m only half way finished chopping my rose bush. I can’t stand out there dripping and chopping a pointy busy to pieces. At that point, the dragon is both fire breathing AND biting me. Stupid thorns.

I complain, actually, everyone I know has been complaining today, but really it’s just part of living in our neck of the dragon. I suppose this would be “the hottest week of the summer.” We can never get through without at least one and I suppose this is it.

Of course, today is dance and our dance room has no air conditioning. There is a class before ours and they leave the room hot, smelly, and wet. We dance on carpet, it feels gross beneath your feet. The two fans are of little help and are extremely coveted spots to begin dance in. I feel sorry for the class after ours- a more rigorous class. Still…my partner in crime, um, dance, and I are still hoping to have a little breathing room today.

Well, welcome to The Original Lulu Bean’s new site. I hope a little more diligence will keep this site moving. If not, just send the dragon after me. A little fire under my bum will get me going.


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One response to ““If you don’t like heat, don’t tickle the dragon”

  1. sharon Benjamin

    Well I really enjoyed reading your new site. I hope that you keep it up. I always look forward to reading whatever it is you write about.

    Sorry to hear about the dragon getting heated up. Hope his flame cools down a little before my short visit. If not that is okay too.

    can’t wait to read what is coming up next.

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