A Crib Skirt

Over the weekend I sewed the Raptor’s crib skirt. OK OK, so I don’t have a crib yet (I have the mattress, does that count?) The crib is on back order and my parents are buying it, so I’m not rushing the process. As long as it’s here for the Raptor to use, then that’s cool.

Anyways, crib skirt. There are SO MANY crib skirt tutorials out there right now! There are beautiful waterfall skirts, and the “stupid easy” crib skirt, plain skirts, ruffled skirts… And it was really difficult to choose which pattern I wanted to use. I did initially think I was going with the waterfall skirt, but ended up using a tutorial from the Hibler House. Her pleated crib skirt tutorial was REALLY easy to follow. I even followed all of the directions- including the starching! I HAD STARCH! (HOLY MOLY, that MIGHT be a miracle!)

I didn’t take photos, or if I did, I won’t show you. It looked like a funeral pall draped over the ironing board. You know, one of these? Except I used the same fabric used on the Raptor’s crib quilt. Anything that is reminiscent of a pall should not be joyously celebrated for my Raptor. So we’ll wait until either it’s on the mattress, propped up and happily demonstrated or until we get the crib.

I was REALLY pleased with the way it turned out (just not draped on my ironing board). The seams are beautiful and it’s nice and modern. It isn’t stodgy or boring and will look darling with the crib and quilt.

OH- here’s the fabric I used. It’s the Keepsake Calico Filigree Purple that I bought at Joanns. Mr. Lulu actually picked it out (I almost picked out the black) but the purple is fabulous and makes everything on the quilt just stand out spectacularly. I AM glad that I bought three yards instead of two because I used just about all of it and you know how it goes- you buy conservatively and end up needing more, so you go back to the store and it’s gone. At least that’s the story of my fabric purchasing life.

So soon- there will be photos. And I don’t think I’ve shared photos of the Raptor’s quilt yet, I’ll have to do that soon, too!


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I miss seafood. I do. Being pregnant takes away the fun of hot summer day sushi. It doesn’t however, prevent me from sewing some of my favorites from the sea. There are a lot of neat tutorials out for fun summer sewing. Or not sewing.

While She Naps made a great tuturial on a no-sew octopus. This was a lot of fun to make with things I had floating around my craft closet. I need a better name for it besides “Craft closet.” “Crap closet” or maybe “fall out shelter” … anyways. I did have to go buy the styrofoam balls, but that’s all right. I had fun with this. I tried two- one with googly eyes (because who doesn’t love googly eyes) and felt eyes. Mr. Lulu felt the felt eyes best embodied the spirit of the octopus, so I went with that. Here’s my version (which is funny because I think it’s the same color fleece that While She Naps used!) I feel he has the whole pirate chic thing going on, and I was really tempted to give him an eye patch!

I may have made a gaggle of octoped. Herd of octoped? Murder of octoped? I like murder of octoped but it’s just because it sounds frightful and let’s face it, if I ever came into contact with an octopus, I’d scare the dickens out of me.



Riley Blake Designs posted a tutorial on how to make Bohemian blowfish pincushions. This was too adorable. I gave it a go and have made two. To be honest, the lips gave me a lot of trouble, but I think that’s just me. For whatever reason, working with small pieces when sewing drives me batty. I’m a big swoopy kind of person. Tiny things (except embroidery) frustrate me.

But I was pleased with the fish! The first I didn’t add pennies to, because that woulda meant breaking into Piggy to get the pennies. I’m a debit card kinda gal. So it turned out more of a softie than a pin cushion, although, I imagine he’d be used for anything. I love that I can use scrap fabric for these projects. It doesn’t really take a full fat quarter to make them and believe me when I say I have a TON of scrap fabric!

The second fish I made I worked a little more on the lips but they still don’t look quite right. It’s ok though. And instead of pennies I used some marbles that I had near my sewing desk. I figured it’d give it weight and handled it the same way by encasing it in a small circle of fabric.
Again, I love that I get to use scrap fabric for these! I just realized that the green fish looks like it has a wick sticking out of the top! Nope, just my sewing machine! I plan on making a few more of these as friends, or perhaps for the Raptor to play with.



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I am wearing my “I finished craft projects” gold star!

You know that quilt I started? Yeah, I finished it. It’s a good snuggle blanket, which is about what I’m OK at. See, didn’t say “good at.” Just ok. And I’m ok with being ok. But you know what? I didn’t take a photo of the finished project. Why? I don’t know…I blame the velociraptor.

This is the same velociraptor who has turned toasters into heavy machinery, made me forget that that to heat the kettle, one must first turn on the stove, and the same velociraptor who kept me home from work on Friday when my right leg (not the left this time) went out on me. Thank goodness for Mr. Lulu who can talk sense into me regarding things like driving with the left leg. (For the record, you shouldn’t attempt it)

Anyways, I HAVE taken photos of other projects that I recently completed. It’s been a lot of fun being home and being crafty. Some call it “nesting” I call it “not in school and  having to find things to occupy my time.”

I have found Pinterest to be a great inspiration. I made these by melting plastic pony beads in a pie tin for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.  Yeah, it smells a little bad but hey! They are cute, unbreakable suncatchers!

 I also decided to recover my chair I’ve been using for my sewing desk. I used leftover Moda fabric (I forget which collection, but my guess would be Oz, just because that’s what my other ones came from. I could be wrong though).

And I taught my niece how to sew this weekend! That was a LOT of fun. We learned the very basic mechanics of using my sewing machine, with her sitting on my lap and me helping her guide the fabric. Monkey got a new sleeping bag, complete with attached pillow. I don’t think sewing was nearly as much fun as her new iPod Nano, but that’s OK. She’s learning. Kate also worked on her embroidery a little, learning the back stitch and the split stitch.

And the last thing I’ve been working on have been plant markers to sell at the church bazaar. These fun things are made of wire, wine corks, and beads. I wrote the names of herbs as pretty as I possibly could, decorated wire and dug it all into the base of the cork. They are fun and cute. I have a few more to make, but ran out of wire and beads. I’ve kinda been keeping Michaels in business lately. Sorry for the crummy photo. Mr. Lulu and I are in the market for a new camera. I’ve been using my iPhone, can you tell?

Speaking of Michaels, they have these awesome pendants that you can make lockets out of. I wanted little itty bitty embroidery hoops to do miniature embroidery but no one seems to make them, unless they make them for themselves, to sell their own itty bitty embroidery. So I bought one of these lockets and did my own. First of all, I didn’t realize just how difficult small stitching is. Um, that’s more, way more difficult than I imagined. But it worked and fit in the locket. I’m not wholly pleased with the end result of my matroyshka doll, so I may go for something  a bit less ambitious and try a flower.

But it’s been a good time finishing up a few projects, starting new projects, attempting projects…like another quilt. I KNOW I KNOW. ANOTHER ONE. Yes, I’m going to be giving these away. No one needs this many blankets around the house. And for someone who hates making blankets, I sure do it a lot. Mr. Lulu equated it to an addiction, I keep doing something I don’t like, but it occupies my time.

Oh wait…maybe it is.

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Satisfaction Does Not Equal Work Input

I started another quilt…I know, I know. I have three weeks before I find out what the baby is and I have to occupy myself somehow. Right? I can’t sit around and watch trashy reality TV on Netflix all the time, can I?

This quilt I started is for the church bazaar (November 10- Mark your calendar!)

I’m trying to sew as much as possible before I am too occupied with preparing for our new velociraptor to join the family. And really, a side note, this is totally a velociraptor. I hobbled around most of the weekend because of the tremendous pain in my left hip. By Saturday night, I couldn’t get my leg into the bed and we have one of those low Ikea beds…lifting that leg two feet was NOT going to happen. Mr. Lulu managed to move it, with me in tears. YAY! Anyways, back to the quilt…

So I started this quilt and realized something. I realized why I keep saying I’m not going to ever quilt again. I find it tedious. RIDICULOUSLY tedious. The cutting, the measuring, the math, the “OHMYGOD MY SEAMS AREN’T LINING UP!” … it’s all too much for me. I don’t find the satisfaction of a finished blanket to exceed the trauma of sewing the blanket.

The thing is, my blankets usually turn out ok. If you inspect them microscopically, you will find numerous errors, puckered fabric, I don’t hand sew (oh no no, I don’t hand sew). But they are functional. I prefer Monet pieces…they are pretty when draped across a chair or couch and snuggled up with. My quilts will not earn quilting prizes.

I’m actually quite envious of people who can sit there and quilt and turn out beautiful pieces. I really am. I don’t have it in me. I find it dull. And boring. And tedious. The work exceeds the satisfaction of the finished piece.

So while working on dull, tedious pieces, I work on other things that are fun and cute, and where the input is equal to the output, at least in my brain. I do things like these:

Cute little burp cloths from cloth diapers. I love fun sewing like this. And I’ll be making me some of these little guys too. I mean, why not? I have a huge stash of fabric and the diapers are relatively inexpensive. Then I can look at something cute while my velociraptor vomits all over me.

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Found the Emerald City

I finished my quilt using the Oz fabric by Moda (2010) over the holiday weekend. I am really pleased with the quilt I never intended to sew. First of all triangles! Second of all, self-binding! Third, it’s actually quilted! (ok, machine quilted, but I did it!)

I had hoped to incorporate yellow as the border but it just didn’t look right. I really thought it needed a yellow brick road but instead it got a green flannel backing. I was thoroughly surprised at how easy it was to self-bind. OK, I cursed a little but really, I was pleased with the results.

And really, as much as I keep saying “no more quilts” or even “the last quilt I make will be for the baby” that is all a big lie. Over the weekend a friend delivered two large tubs of quilting fabric, flannel, and fleece. It was even mostly matched by color! So even after I got rid of fabric recently, I’ve acquired more. I think I’m going to have to eat this elephant one bite at a time. Or quilt one stitch at a time.

I figure I have plenty of time to work on some sewing before the baby comes. At least, I have about five more weeks before we know what it is and I can throw myself into sewing for the room. Yes, there are more important things than pretty curtains and happy blankets they won’t use but it’s fun to indulge a little. After all, it isn’t like I don’t have fabric…

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I should stop saying never.

Really, I said I’d never quilt. In the last year, I made three quilts. THREE!!! Ok, granted, I never really “quilted” them, I mean, that’s a lot of work. And patience. And who has the time unless you are 50+ and maybe have a lot of cats? That’s an unfair statement but once my blanket is put together, I really am done with it. I like short projects that can be finished and used and not sit and me say things like “wow, only 11/12 left to quilt. Glad I decided to do this by hand.” (that’s a true conversation. I ended up ripping out my hand stitches and went with little yarn ties.)

I was going thru my stash last night and thought I’d do a simple tag blanket for our church bazaar. Instead, I found quite a bit left of my Moda fabric from the Oz collection. After I cut it up, I thought “hey, I can try my hand at triangles! who cares, right?” So off I went, measuring, cutting, drawing diagonal lines and sewing a quarter inch on each side…and I came up with…

It’s just started. That’s 36 squares and I have 36 more (I think) and then I’ll attempt to sew it together. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet. It’s cute but I don’t know if it’ll go to the bazaar or a friend or where. Oz, maybe :) We’ll see how it goes. I still need to find a border for it and backing. Again, just not sure.

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I’m a liar.

Well folks, March 30th was my last post and that’s because I’m terrible at keeping secrets. So if you can’t say anything nice…wait, totally different post. But anyways, about a week or two before that post, I found out that Mr. Lulu and I are expecting a baby. Or a velociraptor. Either one. With the migraines I’ve been getting, I would not at all be surprised if it was a velociraptor.

My baby velociraptor will totally wear a hat and ride a bicycle.

To avoid any leaking news, I just avoided blogging. But if you’ve been on facebook or pinterest, you already know this news. I haven’t been sewing since finishing Miss Charlotte’s quilt because sewing clothes seems silly if they won’t fit and although I will be sewing for the new baby, I am waiting for eight more weeks-ish to find out what it is and then sew.

Oh wait, I lied again. I did sew three yoga skirts which are WONDERFUL and comfortable and very versatile. But not really anything exciting to show. I mean, it’s just some jersey knit with a fold over waistband.

And semester ended with a B, which is not what I wanted, but what I got and just glad semester is over. Of course, Baby Bean Sprout threw a wrench in me finishing school by the spring, so….yeah, push that one back a year.

But there’s a lot of excitement and joy in the Lulu Bean House right now. Thank goodness the baby isn’t coming until November because there is so much that needs done around the house. Honestly, what motivates people to fix up their homes are babies and selling the house. So, sewing will commence in a while, although there are some new late-summer patterns out by (I think) Mccalls for maternity clothes and I will probably give them a shot. And maybe do a pattern a review! We’ll see…

But in the mean time, I’ll try not to be a liar.

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